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of the products and services that The Keyboard Sanctuary provides and has provided to customers over the years. We also have many pictures of outstanding pieces we have had come through our shop.

We are proud to say that we have had the opportunity to service many of the great touring groups and musicians on the road today. Please feel free to call or email with any questions you have concerning our products and services. Thank You. Click on the images for a detailed view.


Blues Traveler are currently touring with one of our custom Hammond and Leslie sets and some of our vintage keyboards.
The Leslie Speaker is a completely restored Vintage 1960's Model #122 . The Organ is a "MINT" 1957 Limed Oak Hammond C3 with an adjustable line output, spring reverb, real time controls for treble, bass, gain and percussion.

The organ is also equipped with a Trek II frequency conversion unit to supply 60HZ to the organ at all times even when a portable generator is used or when in another country where 60HZ may not be provided. This insures the organ to run properly and stay in tune.
The Leslie Chorale and Tremolo speeds are controlled with a remote foot switch. Also included are remote foot switches, AKA "kill switches", to silence the Leslie and the line out at any given time. The adjustable line out really comes in handy if you want to play your Hammond thru a vintage amplifier, effects units or into a mixer at the studio.

This rig can be heard on the new Blues Traveler album "Bridge".

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